Company 401K Management Services

What we offer

Personal support + customizable solutions = positive outcomes all around

Get truly comprehensive wealth management for all of your accounts. We’ll monitor and rebalance your employer-sponsored retirement accounts, including 401k and 403b.

Plus, track all of your employer-sponsored retirement plan transactions, just by glancing at your Dashboard.


We do the work for you.

Take a confident approach to reach retirement by letting us manage your employer-sponsored retirement accounts.

Holistic Allocation

Get a custom-built allocation based on your plan’s investment options and your full financial picture. One that we’ll dynamically shift over time to align with your Personal Strategy.

Monitoring & Rebalancing

We monitor your plan options and make changes to your investments, regularly rebalancing your employer-sponsored retirement account back to your custom target allocation.

Dashboard Reporting

Your employer-sponsored retirement account will appear as a managed account, so you can keep an eye on all transactions via the Personal Strategy section of your Dashboard.

Higher Average Returns

Get Personal Capital’s wealth management expertise on your employer-sponsored retirement accounts. In certain periods of market volatility, plan participants who used some form of investment assistance with their plan achieved 3% higher returns net of fees than plan participants who did not seek assistance.

Get more out of your employer-sponsored retirement plan with Personal Strategy+

Qualifications & Fees

For All Personal Capital Clients With:

1 – According to Financial Engines research, Help in Defined Contribution Plans: 2006 through 2012, May 2014. For a complete copy of the research study.

2 – Taxable account must maintain a minimum balance of at least $25K.

3 – Promotional rate applies to employer-sponsored retirement account management fee. Other Personal Capital accounts will continue to be charged at the client’s regular rate.