Invest With Diligence

401K style investing is what we are NOT. The cookie cutter approach to allocating your money and subsequently revisiting once a year is not responsible money management in our opinion.  Rather we continuously balance and monitor your money so as to not miss market opportunities and tax optimization windows.

Our Approach to Investing is Methodical Yet Nimble

While our management style is fiercely independent, four factors mechanically guide our decision making.

Our Advisors

Our team is focused on creating and maintaining investment portfolios that highly correlate with your cash needs through time. We do this through a disciplined and continuous process of Money Allocation, Trading Dynamicism, Tax Harvesting, and Sector Weighting. 

John Kamm, MBA

Founder at Alphalinked Investments

Michael Martin, CRPC®

Finacial Advisor

Ruby Duan, CPA

Chief Investment Officer