Tax Planning

Tax planning

Helping our clients align their tax strategies to their business

Tax planning involves adopting several tax strategies to reduce the amount of taxes to be paid at the end of the year.  Reducing your tax liabilities provides more money to be deployed to other aspects of your business which is why tax planning is vital in any business.  We recommend to individuals and businesses, strategies to be implemented to ensure you pay a reduced amount of tax allowable by law all year round. 

Tax planning requires research, knowledge of continuous changing laws and trend analysis to determine the most advantageous tax decision an individual, family, or business must make on an ongoing basis. This makes it time-consuming and at times confusing. Would you rather invest so much time and effort trying to figure it out yourself than outsource this activity to a professional who has experience implementing successful tax savings strategies for the client? If you would rather work with a professional, we are here for you. 

The CPA Services division of our firm takes pride in our in-depth understanding of current tax laws, new tax regulations, and complex tax codes by keeping abreast of changing tax regulations and continuously attending tax seminars/webinars. Whilst our deliverables are reviewed and signed off by CPA professionals with many years of big4 experience, our Tax Accountants have experience saving thousands of hard-earned dollars for our clients’ operating in different industries and business sizes. We also assign each client a dedicated tax accountant that you can contact whenever you require clarification or information.

Why you need it

–    It will free up your time so you focus on other aspects of the business.

–    It will help you avoid excess tax liability.

–    You will get a better understanding of your expenditures.

–    It will give you access to skilled tax accountants who are up to date with changing tax laws and have experience in your industry.

–    It will help you save your hard-earned money which you can reinvest or deploy to other aspects of your business.

How we do it

–    We obey tax laws and provide legal tax advice.

–    We discuss and help you implement the various strategies as we believe that an idea is only as good as its implementation.

–    Tax laws are ever so changing; we keep abreast of these laws and give you comprehensive rather than outdated advice on laws to take advantage of to improve tax savings.

–    We work with you to gain an in-depth understanding of your business; your goals and the nature of transactions to enable us provide you with tax planning strategies that are relevant to your business size, industry, and situation.

–    We review your previous returns to ascertain if there were missed opportunities.

–    We help you discover unforeseen opportunities for tax savings.

–    We check in with you regularly to discuss further reduction strategies with clear implementation guides.

–    We provide insights into any clarification you may require.