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Investment Management

We serve as the “Chief Investment Officer” for our clients, navigating the changing and complex financial markets on their behalf.



First, we begin the dialogue by asking about:
Your goals and ambitions. What do you want to achieve? They might include saving for your children’s or grandchildren’s education, retiring by a certain age, purchasing a vacation home and philanthropy.
Your current financial situation and assets, including IRA’s, 401(k)s, pensions stocks, bonds, cash, business interests, home, real estate, stock options, insurance and pensions. Your liabilities, including mortgages, other loans such as auto and college loans, alimony and child support.
Your personal tolerance for risk, along with your investment timeline.


Secondly, we analyze your current situation and project what you can expect in the future by:
Reviewing your information including current financial statements, investments and insurance policies to determine appropriate recommendations.


Once we’ve reviewed all your information, we’re able to develop a strategy that can help you pursue — and achieve — your objectives.
We’ll give you clear insight on the financial products and services that make sense for your situation. This way, we can help you make the best financial decisions for your particular goals — and help you better plan your life.
Once you and your advisor determine what products and services can best help you reach your goals, we will implement your strategy.


Because people, personal circumstances and the economy change over time, we continue to monitor and review your investments on an ongoing basis. It is important to be prepared and have a disciplined approach to reviewing your financial goals and investment strategies. Your advisor will schedule periodic meetings to ensure you remain on the right path to achieve your goals as life changes.

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