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Business Owners

Linked Investments works closely with business owners in several ways to manage their liquid assets, as well as lay out a comprehensive investment plan in conjunction with any sale or transaction of the business. As well, we provide 401(k) plan administration to business owners and their employees.


The CEO of a local company receives a large bonus at the completion of a major corporation transaction. With such a significant change in his financial situation, the CEO wanted to make sure his investments were well positioned to provide for he and his family. He consults with an Independent Financial Advisory Firm to review his current asset allocation, his private stock holdings, and real estate investments to develop a complete balance sheet for the first time. It is determined that his investments would be best structured by changing his allocation from a growth focus, to a capital preservation focus.

To provide for basic living expense, they developed a custom bond laddering portfolio to provide for income needs. The remainder of the client’s assets were invested in a broadly diversified portfolio with global exposure. The client now enjoys greater confidence that his near term cash flow needs are covered, and that his investments are well positioned to grow over time ahead of inflation, without taking undue risk.

The Owner of a company is nearing retirement age and wanted to begin to explore options regarding the sale of his company. After consulting an Independent Financial Advisory Firm, including a trusted lawyer, accountant and investment banker, puts together a comprehensive financial and investment plan for the management of the proceeds of the eventual sale.

Following the eventual completion of the sale, the Advisory Firm manages the now-retired CEO’s assets in accordance with the plan. He is now freed to enjoy his retirement and other priority, while receiving monthly income from his investments, electronically deposited in his checking account. He meets with the Advisory team quarterly to review the investments against the established investment plan.

The CFO of a company wants to establish a 401(K) retirement program to assist the company in its efforts to attract and retain high caliber talent. After reading a newspaper article about a lawsuit filed against a competitive firm by the company’s employees regarding fees in the company’s 401(k) program, the CFO was cautious in wanting to find the best program for his employees, as well as not expose his company to any additional risk.

Through his relationship with an Independent Financial Advisory Firm, they were able to put together a compelling 401(K) program for his company. Utilizing best in class administrative providers, and coupled with numerous low cost investment offerings, they were able to offer the company’s employees an attractive retirement program to participate in, at a fraction of the cost of similar offerings from the financial services industry.

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