Tax Filing and Bookkeeping


Running a business is demanding, handling all the non-core business activities like bookkeeping and tax filing for small business is even more challenging as it is usually not on top of the list of priorities. Notwithstanding, every business is obligated to file its tax returns. Tax processing and filing require knowledge and understanding of ever-changing tax laws. Understanding these tax laws is one thing and accurately applying them is another. These are the reasons for choosing an outsourced tax accountant for your tax processing and filings are advantageous to your business as it is the way forward to reducing your workload as a business owner. As a result, not only do you receive accurate tax processing, but as a business owner, you will be happier and satisfied. The time savings resulting from outsourcing your tax processing and filing can be channeled to other activities that will improve your customer/client base or help retain your existing customers and overall grow the business. Another reason you should outsource is the cost savings on recruiting, managing, and training an in-house tax accountant.   

The CPA Services division of our firm employs the latest technology and information security to ensure our tax preparation and filing services run with the utmost cost efficiency and effectiveness, at the same time ensuring complete privacy of your personal information. We also consistently update our technology to keep up with leading tax software. Our Tax team is qualified, highly skilled, big4 trained, and experienced in tax processing. We ensure that our skills are up to date with ever-changing tax laws by regular training and seminar.

What we do

•    Business tax return processing and filing.

•    Individual tax return processing and filing.

•    Rental properties returns and filing.

•    Company returns and filing.

How it works

•    You contact us to describe your situation.

•    We discuss with you to see how we may help.

•    We inform you of the various information we require to complete the task and send you a link to upload your documents (e.g. financial statements, trial balance, fixed assets register etc.).

•    You upload the required documents.

•    We analyze your balance sheets and profit or loss account to determine the proper tax treatments of the transactions therein.

•    We classify all items properly.

•    We share with you our findings and opinions.

•    We upload the information in our tested and trusted software for processing.

•    Before processing, we cross-check that the information is correctly entered into the system.

•    After processing, we share the returns with you for review and comments.

•    We update the returns with your observations (if any) and share it with you for filing.

We also perform tax returns without an interview. Hence, if you require a simple tax return get in touch with us now and we will file your tax promptly, usually within 1 day.

Contact us today and we will ensure your returns are accurately and timely processed and filed.